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They pick on small Amish farmers and other simple people and small family businesses who produce chemical- and pesticide-free milk and crops. Yet, they allow and encourage huge farms that (mis)treat animals and crops with known harmful drugs, chemicals, pesticides. Bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and whatever they use to make chickens ‘plumper.’ Guess what it’s doing to the obesity rates…even in American kids. Take a good look around at how people eating standard American diets are getting much bigger, plumper…like the cows and chickens…around the face, the middle,the thighs. And what do you think is the impact on health care costs now and later when that health care plan is fully implemented?
Does the FDA and our government really want us to be healthier? I suspect not…because there’s too much money to be made by the key players when they keep us unhealthy. Just an observation…
There will also be no cure for cancer approved by the FDA because there’s again too much money to be made while it still exists… and the FDA continues to approve substances that cause it.
What if we play the games differently? Put our money in different places? Speak different words? What exactly are you donating to?
I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there. – Mother Theresa
A health care bill was passed. One would think it is in the government’s (i.e. FDA’s) best interests to PROMOTE and support health, including chemical-free and pesticide-free produce, milk, and food in general. Based on their actions, that doesn’t seem to be the case. FDA Approved does not mean safe. Listen to tv commercials for medication. Pay attention to the known side-affects. All of those drugs (and side-affects) are FDA approved. I’ll take my chances with farm milk directly from the cow or the cooler. Even if I get sick a little bit at first, it will only be a temporary thing, until my body adjusts. No life- or health-threatening side affects like those FDA-approved substances.
Meanwhile, more consumers are becoming more aware. We know we have the most vested interest in our own health, a lot more than our government or the FDA does. We’re looking at labels. We’re seeking out growers we trust, stores and markets that offer close-to-nature healthy food. We are reconnecting to the ways of our ancestors and the medicine workers, nature’s medicine, food, herbs, oils, We know that whatever we put into our bodies has an impact. In nature, animals don’t get fat. Years back, people didn’t get so big either. Ask any clothing manufacturer. Sizes even had to be recast.
Bottom line…Your body is your house…and if you destroy it, you have to leave. (Great line I read somewhere once.) We each have the most vested interest in feeling good and keeping our own body healthy and happy. And I hope each of us, as citizens and consumers, does our part to speak up for and support the freedoms we want to keep in our food supply and in our personal health practices. One way to do that is to spend our money differently.
Resource links for explorers.
Health Freedom Alliance
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Nature’s Garden
Food, Inc. – watch the movie
Food Matters – watch the movie
Andrew Weil, MD
Outpost Exchange
Nature’s Medicine – oils and herbs
These are good positive places to start. Find a local health food store and ask about classes…and look for publications like the Outpost Exchange above. Live well, happy, and healthy.

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