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Who are your filters?

In my newsletter I wrote of our need for trusted filters to alleviate information overwhelm. Today I’ll tell you more about those filters and how they work.

To some extent, every one of us is a filter for others. Our family members, friends, business associates, Facebook friends. From our experiences and interests, aptitudes and inspirations, we are each drawn to and attracted to very specific information. We obsorb it effortlessly, like a sponge. It frames our worldview and we become very knowledgeable experts in those very specific, thin slices of information and understanding. It is woven into the fabric of who we are. I know one guy who can tell me what was happening in various places in Europe during particular times in that location’s history….and he’s using it with a family tree project. Another knows quite a bit about all the U.S. presidents and has personally visited all of the presidential libraries.

Imagine the ready resource each of these guys are for others with similar interests–and the rest of us who just find it interesting. When we are open or seeking, or just listening around us, we will find or attract kindred-spirit others who seek, share, or want more of that same thing. Great people connections and exchanges are created like this.

The challenge: To identify, describe, be aware of, and name our own particular expert-filter elements is an interesting challenge. Most don’t give it a thought at all. And others with an entrepreneurial intent often struggle to find their ‘niche.’ (Same concept, just different words.)

So, just for fun, think about it for a moment, what are you drawn to? What kinds of information are you a bit of an expert in? What’s your niche? or your ‘itch’?

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