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Last week you created your vision boards and set your New Year’s goals and intentions. Now you get to implement them and follow through. Do you know how to keep them in play, in motion, in focus? I do.
The first step is to stop trying to do it all alone–unless that’s worked really well for you in the past. If not, get yourself a partner, find a group or join a positive circle of influence to help you! I’m a coach, and this is what we coaches do – we help you help yourself. We partner with people just like you; and we help you manifest those exciting goals and dreams and vision board images, intentions, and resolutions you set out for yourself. And we do it in a way that makes it easier and energizes you, that helps you appreciate the progress, the milestones, the unfolding of your map!
If you know a coach, now is a good time to have a conversation with them. Find out what they offer that will give you the support you need to follow through and keep your energy, excitement, and focus in play, and help you live and love the life you have imagined. If you’re concerned about budget, or time, have that conversation too. Most coaches have a menu of services with a range of price points and time commitments. Go in with an optimistic expectation and come up with a solution. That is what coaching is about…and this will be your first opportunity to experience it with this coach. A coach is your ally and advocate, a coach is in your corner. They are mentors, teachers, guides, sounding boards, strategists; and they are excited to work with great everyday people, and everyday celebrities, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and others too. They love what they do and the people they work with! That’s YOU!
From my menu, you might begin with an individual session . Those usually take longer, they’re private, and only focused on you. Then you might choose a group, and support it with an individual monthly private session, a monthly membership for example. Monthly O Groups use the topic of the month as a focus. Monthly Goals and Dreams coaching groups use participant goals dreams and vision boards as the focus. The group and the coaching process offer support, focus, accountability, and often creative collaborations. There are other group topics and classes also…and higher-level private options too. So call me and let’s have a conversation. I LOVE what I do and the wonderful people who are drawn to me!
Happy New Year. Your next chapter has already begun. And I wish you fun and energizing experiences in manifesting your intentions in its unfolding. – Anne

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  1. Great article! Being part of a supportive partnership or group can make all the difference…and it makes the journey more enjoyable! Thanks for all your help Anne…you are great at what you do!

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