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This Midwest I-can-do-it-myself attitude is a good thing…except when it interferes with a healthy and happy life.
Trying to do everything by yourself, keep everything inside, and fear of talking about feelings, or a stressful situation, that’s not so healthy.   Sometimes, all it takes is a conversation to lighten the load.  Another perspective and point of reference, another set of eyes and ears…and someone who cares about your happiness.
We all feel stressed sometimes, especially by situations that feel difficult, or overwhelming to us, and things that require abilities or knowledge we don’t have. And that’s an added benefit of talking to somebody else. Where we see roadblocks, another sees EASY. And in the conversation, the load is lifted; roadblocks are cleared.
Next time, find a trusted go-to person to talk to. Can’t hurt, might help a lot.
And maybe find a positive circle of influence too.
Love your life; live happy and healthy.

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