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Simple spirituality by Anne Wondra
Before all religions, there was a recognition and acknowledgement of the sacred, Grace, in everyday life, work, survival, and seasons–a spirituality of ordinary life. This elemental spiritual sensitivity applied equally to all–regardless of skin tone, gender, nationality, social classs.
For those who liked or felt a need to measure, quantify, categorize, and analyze though, this wasn’t enough. It also bothered some that this ‘Grace’ and spiritualness applied to all…even those who they deemed “less than” themselves–because of (perhaps) skin color, gender, race, nationality, social status, intelligence, or because they had fur or feathers, wings, hoofs, scales, or crawled on their belly and did not speak in words they heard as ‘civilized.’
We gain clarity from contrast. When we react to something that offends our sense of fairness, justice, what is “right” and “good”; when we hear words that counter our understanding and beliefs; when we experience a sense of belonging or kinship in an unexpected place, we become more clear about who we are and what we know.
Religion has helped many live happier, overcome challenges, and feel more connected to something greater than themselves. Whatever brought about such goodness is to be appreciated. On the contrast side, religion has also been the source of more anger, hatred, and bloodshed than anything else I know of. Institutions that teach peace, love, and social justice, also sanctioned and condone horrendous cruelty and murderous acts…and justify them as the will of some divine being. Unsettling.
Clarity from contrast:
I cannot stay in any place that continues to insist and dwell on guilt and sinfulness and become good, great, loving, and inspired. It does not feed my soul or free my spirit. The sacred in nature and in ordinary life does… There is kinship, resonance, belonging. A farmer’s daughter, a child of the earth, a grown daughter and grandmother of time, this time, a wisdom keeper.
Mentors, authors, wise women, whose words resonated with the seeking of my soul, inspired me, helped me become, and helped me answer deep questions. I look back in gratitude, and forward to passing it on. And for the experiences and ah-ha moments, water shed statements and discoveries. Clarity! Defining moments! A bright light shining and lighting the way.
My work is this writing, these love-your-life lessons, and conversations; to keep it simple, make it easy, equip the seeker with power tools for the soul journey they’re on; to love and bless them.
Simple spirituality.
It starts with basics, farm and life lessons.
My religious roots are catholic; my spiritual roots came from the farm.
I was drawn to universal truths. The stuff that included my friends across religion, skin color, nationality, gender, and time. I created a Seeker’s Toolkit(c) and included it. It’s one your power tools…and in my opinion, the most powerful one.
I won’t tell you what to think or believe; those are your decisions. And your path, answers, and decisions have to fit, resonate with, inspire, and excite YOU at the deepest level.
I can offer:
. the difference between religion and spirituality;
. 7 keys to feeling spiritually free and inspired;
. the difference between the spirituality of women, and that of men (big difference and important, and most women and men don’t know);
. how to be sensitive and respectful in diverse groups (like your family, neighborhood, and workplaces); and
. a take-home, personalized Seeker’s Toolkit(c) to find and evaluate your own path when you’re ready.
I can also tell you from past experience that for some, flood gates will open. I share water shed, defining moments…and encourage guests to share also. There’s no going ‘back in the box’ after this one. Your eyes may see differently; your spirit may grow wings; your heart may feel connected to the wise women, elders, and wisdom seekers of an earlier time long before now….and perhaps some you already know now.
We live in religious diversity: our families, friends, and work places. We follow paths that have helped us become who we are. There are many good roads to being good people. Our sensitivity and respect are required; and in professional settings, it’s good business. There is common ground, bridges, words, and experiences, that connect us.
My wish and desire is that you LOVE your life and ENJOY being who you are… because the world needs each of us! Watch for the next Simple Spirituality class at Find and “Like” WonderSpirit Coaching on Facebook. Enjoy your day. Love your life…because it matters and makes a difference.
In the Beginning
“In the Beginning” by Michael Robichaud

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