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Rules make Relationships and Life easier

A set of personal rules makes life easier, especially when they are created out of life lessons. Rules allow us to handle common situations simply and easily, hassle-free, by remembering and following the rule. If you watch NCIS, you know Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) has a set of forty-five rules he teaches all of his agents to use and work by.

Me, I have a few rules of my own. One has to do with art fairs and my love of wearing and being surrounded by art. The rule: I can’t get it if I don’t know where I’m going to put it. So I collect artist business cards when I find something I like. Often I eventually figure out where that something special goes and get the piece later. And in the meantime, the artist website link gets added to my personal Artist Collection.

Relationships are another area where rules have made life easier. They started out as single survival skills, because I was single for a lot of years. They were a combination of lessons I learned and wisdom of women I respected. And they worked. It is now twenty to thirty years later–as the rules developed over time–and I’ve discovered they are also happy, healthy marriage rules. Here’s where you’ll find the secrets and rules:

You can simply purchase a handout packet here. Get to the point, save time, set yourself up for success.

For a more interactive, girlfriend time, the next Relationship Rules of Happy Women class is Wednesday, July 27. Or you can invite me to your next Women and Wellness event, girlfriend get-away, young women mentor group, spa retreat, or country club.

And personal sessions for those more private conversations are welcome too.

Love your life. It matters. And rules, especially happy relationship rules, make it so much easier!

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