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Create a room of your own, a sacred space, an altar.  Surround yourself with things of beauty, symbols of inspiration, faith; pictures, stones, mementos, music, fabric, colors you love and that feel good around you.  Do you have a favorite chair?  Colorful cushions, pillows, plush throws, or area rug?  Consider light, music, aromas, a writing table or desk.  What does your sacred space need to have in it?  What feel do you desire?  For me, there are books, art, stones, candles, smells of incense and essential oils, colorful pillows, pictures, and soft music.  This is a space where I’m reminded who I am and that I return to my spirit in.
Twenty minutes of daily quiet time for meditation, prayer, or listening to your heart and higher self.  Close your eyes, focus on your breathing.  Begin with three deep breaths.  Inhale and exhale mindfully.  Continue, relax, focus only on your breathing.  Sacred silence quiets our mind chatter and allows our spirit to connect with its source.  There is no one right way to do this.  In the process, you’ll find your way.  There are many books and guided meditation CDs also.  Meditation, sacred silence, prayer, quiet time—is a practice found in spiritual traditions across the world and throughout time.  You can invoke the sacred, the divine of your understanding, your spiritual support team—angels, archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters, a loved one on the other side—to be present if you’d like.  You can set an intention or ask for guidance on , or just rest in gratitude and peace and receive whatever blessing spirit has for you.  Sometimes inspirations come; sometimes things and people and your day just come together and flow easier.  Allow, acknowledge, and open your spirit to more.
Bodywork, therapeutic massage, reiki, acupressure, scented mineral baths, saunas and steam rooms.  Your body and all its sensual physicality is the flesh-blood-and-bone vehicle you experience and travel through this lifetime in.  Your skin and muscles are sensitive and crave caring touch.  A monthly day-spa date holds decadent, muscle-soothing, skin-touching, tension-releasing, body- honoring, therapeutic, personal-vehicle care and maintenance.
Spirit and dreams advocate, confidant, confessor, coach, mentor, magnificence manifestor.  At the heart of our well-being are the goals and dreams of our soul, the ones we came here with, the ones we hold inside somewhere—and sometimes bury, hide, or run from.  Callings, gifts, charisms; things we’re good at, love doing, and energize our life.  People, experiences, work that feels like play.  Describe your best, most-fulfilled, happy, alive self—the you that you are proud of, delight in, enjoy being, and presenting to the world.  Create a plan.  Imagine a goals and dreams advocate, coach, confidant, mentor, magnificence manifestor supporting your sails, celebrating your success, holding your vision, and encouraging you to grow into and become that YOU.  Find one and tap in.
The muse and the arts.  Music, laughter, beauty, creativity, dance, art, travel.  Feed your spirit with inspiration, joy, delight; experiences that move your soul.  Enjoy and appreciate.  Soak it in, taste, laugh out loud, be in awe, revel in the wonder and joy.  From theater tickets to comedy routines, to music videos and CDs, to following your inner muse to where she leads.  Simple or grand; it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it brings you joy, wonder, and awe; you feel it deep in a place close to your heart and soul.
These gifts to yourself are for the gift that is you; gifts for your spirit and heart and life; for your happiness, strength, and energy, to be all that you are to everyone else.  Enjoy, celebrate, breathe deep, and smile.  Take care of your amazing inner light.  Blessings, love, and beautiful delights.
Anne Wondra is a spirit and dreams advocate, coach, muse, and magnificence mentor at and the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha, WI.

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