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Spent part of today unsubscribing to newsletters.  Some have been coming for a long time–beautiful people, good articles; just not resonating anymore.  Others, I routinely delete without a look.
Information overload.  There is so much.  And I’m becoming a more selective sifter.
It’s a bit like my horseradish post earlier.  Getting clear about ourselves helps us sift and filter and choose what we let in, what soothes, inspires, energizes, takes care, us and of our spirit.
And then there were a few of those unsolicited marketing emails.  Today, in the spirit of exchange, I forwarded my newsletter to them, and also sincerely wish them well in this new year.
3 more tips, thoughts, insights:
1.  It’s a good idea to have an email address that’s only for junk mail and subscriptions.  You can always manage your subscription and change it later if you want to.  Periodically log in to your ‘junk mail’ account and clear it out.
2.  I’m liking Facebook as a way of connecting and interacting with people and organizations.  And there again, I get to select the life and spirit supporting experience and energy I want to put out there and surround myself with.  No, I won’t get or see everything or every post.  I trust though that I will see exactly the ones that are needed for me, in the perfect time they are needed.
3.  Sometimes I need to turn the information off.  There’s something about phone calls, writing by hand, meeting with somebody in person that feeds and recharges me like nothing else.
To simplifying, sorting, and sifting, a little at a time.  Have a beautiful evening everyone.  Something soothing.  Someone loved.  Keep it Simple

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