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freedom stoneI read somewhere recently  that we are our own alchemists of the riches and wealth and life we desire.  And that it has to do with our energy being in alignment with receiving such wealth and riches and wonderful life circumstances.
In other words, how good and worthy do we feel about receiving amazing sums–just being who we are and doing what we do?  Do we believe we are enough?  Do we believe we have our value and worth–and believe that others in a position to pay us (and or provide the wealth and riches and wonderful life circumstances we desire) will know and see our value also?  (Deep personal questions.)
These–and the emotional energy they bring–show up in job applications and interviews, and most definitely when our path is one of entrepreneurship or creating a new trail.  There are passions and callings that we are born with.  The artist, the writer, the musician, the spirit worker, the muse, inventor, creator — alchemists who bring something new into being and redefine what is.
How do we attract what we need easily?  And how do we feel about asking–and receiving?  Maybe more important, how do we ask and receive in a way that’s authentic, flows, and  feels in harmony with our spiritand also brings the riches and wealth and life we desire?
For me and others like me, the authenticity, flow, and harmony buttons are being pushed.  It’s not working anymore to use somebody else’s model and expect it to work for us.
Instead, life experience is asking and requiring us to sing our own original song; paint and create in our own style; follow the voice and intuitive messages in our heart and soul; step into our light and greatness, and BE all of Ourselves…No fudging or fidgeting–and that’s so not what or how we’ve been taught to be.  (Kinda like making potato salad.  There’s a general recipe…and then we need to make it our own.)
Self-discovery and Shining our own Light–in our own way–is our personal sacred path to wealth and riches and wonderful life circumstances we desire.  Following the JOY is one way of getting there; learning the hard way is another.
I’m still on the journey.  It will never be all done either, because the nature of this physical life is to learn and transform and create and imagine more possibilities and desires.
Freedom comes in because it’s an inherent quality in most of us.  We desire to be in control of various pieces of our lives and livelihood and to maintain a certain freedom, autonomy, in our work and how we do. … Again, especially for creative types, in whatever capacity they find themselves in.
For all of us, our work is important, and those we connect and collaborate with.  All are part of the alchemy taking place through us.
Some resources for those who like to be reading something to inspire you:
Free Agent Nation by Dan Pink
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
I Will Not Die an Unlived Life by Dawna Markova
The Magic by Rhonda Byrne
Soul Friends Guide for Surviving the Pit by Nancy Nicholas
Money and the Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks
A hands-on activity for visual, kinesthetic, social types:
JULY’s Wall of Inspiration invitation by me.
Here’s to gratitude, and remembering that caterpillars–fat, fuzzy worms–become butterflies and fly; that Nature’s greatest lesson is one of alchemy–transformation into a much more free-flying, brilliant and beautiful form.   – Anne

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