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Beach conversations

North Beach-FBcropSynchronicity, when unrelated, somehow connected, things happen in succession.   It means, take notice.  I do.

Got back to my desk after spending most of this morning gathered with women, overlooking a beach, and engaged in conversations that touch the spirit; and then found this from soul friend Nancy Nicholas in email:

I pulled a Nature-Speak oracle card (Ted Andrews) for us today.  Here it is:

Beach (Healing and Balance): “Beaches are places where all of the primal elements of Nature come together – fire, air, earth, and water.  It is a landscape of balance.  Its appearance affirms that we are on the right track to healing and balancing something within our life.  Elements are brought back into harmony.  Beaches though are mystical places, doorways to the spirit world.  And doorways and new realms can be unbalancing at times.  As you pursue new endeavors, make sure that you stay balanced.  Stay grounded and healing and creativity will occur in a much more productive manner.”

Today’s conversations and connections, were indeed healing and balancing; the readings shared reflected elements (of life and relationships) being brought into harmony; of spiritual unbalancing and re-balancing.

Love Monday mornings and these women who gather for these wisdom conversations….and the beach.

Blessings and beauty.  – Anne


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