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YOU … when it comes to your life, your body, your spirit, your life purpose, your work.  We are born with a highly sensitive internal guidance system–gut feeling, some call it.  Intuition.  Knowings.  Visions.  Guides.
Of course it’s a good idea to consult with others.  Information gathering, another perspective, hearing one’s thoughts out loud.

Where two or three are gathered …

There is a divine element in consulting, gathering, and interactive exchange. We learn through our experiences, studies, and that of others–and we gain clarity in contrast.
In the end, though, it is each one of us who actually lives in our body and experiences our lives.  It is also each one of us who has the most vested personal interest in our own well-being, happiness, quality of life.
When did we stop trusting ourselves?  Our gut feelings?  Our knowings?  Our in-born, highly sensitive internal guidance system, our direct connection with our divine source?

Life is a game.  And you have all the pieces you Life-is-a-schoolneed to PLAY right now…

In the quiet, connect.  Listen.  Feel.  Trust your own expert guidance within.

[T]he idea that the future is always visible from the place where we stand is unrealistic. Sometimes we have to walk on for a while until a new horizon comes into view. … When we are walking Sarah’s circle, there is no final destination. The process, the journey itself, is one of staying in alignment with what our own inner guidance is telling us. If we quit listening, we begin to feel anxious and inauthentic. …. We leave a job because of the sense that it is killing us, or because the corporate policies are killing the earth. We don’t know yet where we are called to go. We leave anyway because some inner voice tells us that if we do not, there will be hell to pay. Then we wander for a while in the strange place called “don’t know.” Don’t know where I am going. Don’t know what is coming next. Don’t know who I am anymore. This is courage, not confusion; it is wisdom, not folly. It creates the space for something new to be born.   Joan Borysenko, A Woman’s Journey to God

Life Skills of feminine spirit, wisdom, words, music, art… reconnect to what your soul already knows…
Blessings, much love, and grace…. – Anne

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