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It’s a good idea to sort through your beliefs now and then and throw out the ones that don’t serve you. (The Afterlife of Billy Fingers)

How many of us have unquestioningly accepted beliefs about who we are, and our value or worth, from sources with absolutely no experience being a girl or growing into a woman?…
When I’m reading, the experience of an author is pretty high up there in how much credibility I give to that set of opinions, beliefs, perspective, perceptions.  …
Parents, how much weight and value do you give to parenting advice from one who have never been parent, has never raised a child? Does it matter?   It would to me.  It may be valuable information–from another perspective–and it may or may not apply to you.
Same with women’s spirituality and teachings of religion and beliefs we may have accepted about and for our self.  In many decades of experience and study as a woman of spirit, I know this with certainty.  So many girls, goddesses, great women have ‘taken to heart’ and believed without question, as truth, opinions, perceptions, and perspectives in books and teachings from those who had absolutely no experience living or being a girl or a woman.  None!
That’s BIG…  know and understand those OPINIONS of another–who has never been us–are not required to be TRUTH for us.  We can dare to question, even when–especially when–these voices are supposedly speaking for a supreme being.
Yes, question; measure everything against your criteria for truth. Is it true?  And is it true for you?  It’s the key to spirit freedom.
I am one who questioned…mostly because my experience led me to question… When those good sisters had us pray for vocations (to the priesthood / spiritual leadership), I got one.  Guess that divine being source didn’t care–and it was divine design–that my body-mind-spirit-soul experience was / is feminine, woman, goddess…  We all have a path that is ours.  And we all have wonderful senses to sift through information given to us.
What we believe and what gets sifted out are up to us.  And we can change them.  Trust those divinely provided senses.  Not trusting is like asking a bird not to trust its wings to fly.  It’s born with wings to fly… Maybe we are too.  I know we are spiritually expanding, evolving souls; our wings are in place and taking us to new higher experiences.
600_j0437392It’s okay to release what isn’t ours to own or carry.  We can dare to trust our own deeper wisdom, knowings, experience, spiritual awakenings, insights, expanding of understanding.  And we can own what is ours…It’s coming forth stronger now.
It’s a courageous, powerful, and life-changing thing to own what is ours… I do know this experience…  It’s also incredibly freeing to a woman’s spirit, and vital to her soul.
Welcome to Summer Spirit Growing.…  sacred place-holding … reading, creating a simpler and empowered spirituality and life … owning and celebrating our personal expandings and awakenings…
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I could tell you what I do, only it would scare you.  So let’s just say I play all day, and those I interact with feel better and lighter and happier through our exchanges.

Love yourself, know you are blessed, and allow your great spirit of light to shine through you. There are no cosmic mistakes.   Your journey has brought you here… and you are so good, beautiful, and loved.. Blessings – Anne

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