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Notes from a week:
Spiritually open – What I become when my religion’s box is not big enough anymore.  We all have to leave home some time to become who we are here to be… – Anne Wondra
An artist’s prayer:  “Help me become what I am.”  – Julia Cameron, Walking in This World

When you start to get bigger, it can scare both you and your friends… It’s very hard to say to yourself or others, “Actually, I think I might be much bigger and grander than I thought.” …
More often we are disloyal to ourselves, we can allow ourselves to be talked out of our possible creative flights. …
Some of our friends mighty want to downsize us again …
Alternative is to find new friends who can see, recognize, and support what it is you are becoming.  “Ah yes, you’re [one of us].  Come over here.” – Julia Cameron, Walking in This World.

Asking a president what religion he is…  An illegal interview question for that job; does not deserve or require an answer. It’s an extremely small-box-minded perspective for another.
One who leads a diverse nation, has traveled globally, has experienced any significant amount of Life, expands their spirituality beyond any one religion.  They have to.  One doesn’t go untouched.  Life means growing.  Evolving our perspectives.
A president’s role is one of a compassionate, just, honorable civil servant.  Church and state are separate for good reasons… allowing those in churches to follow their own religions; and those who don’t fit those boxes anymore to grow beyond them–to become who Life has caused them to be.
Our souls don’t have a religion.  They are directly connected to our Source.  So many judgments and assumptions made with ‘religion labels.’  And in this world of expanding differences and growing awareness of how connected we are, more of us are spiritually open….

Grounded.  Center in yourself this week.  Let your self be guided. Intention / Prayer:  There’s time and space for everything I want to do.  I want Love to motivate us.  Turn back to our spiritual team.  If this is meant to be, make it happen at the best possible time and way. Nancy Nicholas

What does the bible really say? – Delafield Farmer’s Market – a booth off to the side and down the block… and I ponder…

  • It says the greatest commandment is to love – To love our self, and to love others in just that same way.
  • It says not to judge others; it is not our place.
  • It says that we will–and already do–have all those amazing and extraordinary abilities of the Master…and greater…
  • It says, ‘Ask and it is given.’
  • It says the Master was a teacher and wisdom seeker from a young age… like a lot of us
  • It says he calmed waves … and made waves … like a lot of us…
  • It says a lot of things that don’t speak to me…  When it says men, it’s speaking to my brothers… just like mom and dad at home.

Spiritually open means I’ve been a wisdom-seeker for a long time, that I’ve lived, listened, observed, and learned from Life’s depth and richness of experiences.
It means I drained old bathwater and took a better look a the baby and Teacher…and especially all those women he hung around with.  …  and I paid attention when my name was called…
It means Spiritual has grown to include all of my being and presence; everyday living, every breath, every moment, every meeting, every choice…. because it makes a difference… Be kind - Janis Ian

Blessings and beauty this week. Much love to all of us.  – Anne

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