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Feeling pushed?…

We’ve heard so many pitches that after a while, they all sound the same.   Some are sincere; many are….only we’ve been scammed, solicited, baited, enticed, disappointed… too many times and we’ve become suspicious and jaded.

We feel pushed.  And when I feel pushed, my instinctive reaction is to ‘stop,’ ‘dig in my heals,’ and ‘run in the other direction.’

I’m offering some constructive preferences.   …

When Fear is used to sell…  It’s Pressured selling…  Suggesting we have to do or take or buy something because there is no other choice…

There is always a choice…even to do nothing… to wait … to talk it over with someone else…

Take away a fear, and it’s power goes away… it’s pressure and drama dissolves, dissipates , gone… freedom…

If you don’t take this medication, you are going to die…

As one who has done deep thinking on this because I have been closely touched by someone’s death, I know some things, for sure, about the afterlife … and also about my preferences in this life.

I also know that even if you do take whatever this medication is, you are still going to die….  At some point, we exit these bodies and this life… a natural process we’ve been taught to fear.*  (More thoughts on that further down…)

Telemarketers and cold callers.  I know the old business logic behind it. …  It’s a masculine sales model…do, do, do…  A caller is an individual — or recording — who has no personal relationship with a person they are calling…  They’ve been given or collected a list of ‘contacts.’  Their old belief is that it works …a selling game… based on numbers… that a certain percentage will ‘buy’ whatever they are selling. Effective though?

It’s a high-turnover job, so it can’t be soul-enriching or fulfilling for anyone making those calls.  And monetarily cost-effective?  Turnover–frequently replacing players –is expensive.  It’s was a big cost bucket in my HR experience.

I don’t want to be ‘sold to.’  We are all very capable of seeking out services and products we are interested in.  Look at how many more of us are screening calls and letting voice mail take them.  We also find them annoying.  It’s that same scripted process we’ve all heard over and over again…. really old.

Also, when you call me and we are enjoying a delightful exchange, do not try to schedule me for an appointment with someone else…  Really?!

If you called, and you are the one I’m making an engaged connection with, you are the individual I want to be dealing with….  Anything else feels like ‘bait and switch.’  …

We are obviously operating from difference values.  Mine have shifted to valuing personal relationships.

I like to support and purchase from those I have relationships with, people I know, like, and trust…often we have a reciprocal relationship.  … If you want to sell to me and others, maybe it’s a better approach to be one of our  customers first…

Relationships with real people are more important now.  Actual presence, face-to-face time, is more highly valued.  It’s doing business at the speed of trust.  And I love exchanges–economic, social, services and products, spiritual, relational–that are reciprocal and energetically elevated.  Great things come out of these!

If you want some of my time or that of any other service professional, find out who we are first, and schedule an appointment, and expect to pay for it—  If we haven’t sought you out, and you’re trying to sell us something we haven’t asked for, there’s an investment expected on your part.  If you’re not drawn to invest in our services, we’re probably not a good business fit for each other…

Not every warm body is a likely customer for you.  I heard this analogy once in sales training program.  It goes something like this:  Let’s say your ideal customer-business partners are named ‘Bob.’  That means anyone who is not named ‘Bob’ is not interested in being your client.  Don’t take it personally and don’t chase them.   

Business and life are about relationships and connecting.  I want fulfilling, supporting, enjoyable exchanges.  Those are my preferences and today’s requirements.  I love feeling good; and good energy flows feel incredibly magically good!

You’re invited …

Tuesdays this fall – WOMEN WRITERS Reading GroupGoddesses Never Age, a women’s wellness resource by Christiane Northrup, M.D.  details

...the number one thing you can do for your health is to live joyously… – Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Begin when you want to.

* We are taught to fear death.  We are  taught to fear a lot of things…

And that ‘ultimate’ fear ‘death’ is used to pressure us into doing something we instinctively question or know is not good for us.

What if we trusted our own knowing about our own life and body…because we’ve lived in them–and nobody else has.

More to the point, what value does being here, being who we are, have for us? What choices do you want about your exit–because there will be an exit…  How and when are variables.   And third, how do you feel about your next place after this. Is the afterlife to be feared or welcomed?


These are ultimate soul work and personal well-being conversations… Letting go of one’s fear of dying and reconnecting with what life and living are all about for you…

What is meaningful in your life?  Bucket lists, dreams, passions, loves and letting your life’s light and soul shine through?  What makes your heart sing and full of joy? More of that please…


Let go of a fear of dying?  Yes… what if….

And have pressure words lose their power….and you reconnect to yours…?  Imagine…

As great as a human person is, we can not create life or prevent death.  – nature spirit life and farm lesson of this farmer’s daughter… she learned a lot on that farm.

Free-spirit blessings, beauty, and live well.  – Anne Wondra

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