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It’s a role fast-food commercials make fun of… Life coaching…  An interesting twist coming from a company that touts healthy choices.
Life coaching is not based in a medical model, and our clients are not defined by conditions and labels used in that industry.
We speak a different language, words of well-being, personal power, soul and spirit, creating lives that come easier and serve our heart, soul, and light.
Our clients are active in personal growing–life leading, career changing, soul searching, creating art, following their heart, making sense of life and death… and more.  Our clients are actively living ‘self-actualization,’ that term we heard in school all those years ago, total well-being.   maslows-hierarchy-of-needsjpg
Life coaches support, empower, and encourage that light, soul, and heart life energy.  Self discovery is a sacred path; and being true to ourselves and our soul, living a self-actualized life, takes courage… especially when those around us aren’t there yet…
When we’re growing, it’s not a medical condition or a dis-ease; it’s personal self-actualizing in process…and it gets emotionally and lifestyle messy.  Any midwife or mother will tell you, birthing is messy too; an artist will tell you creating art is messy; a chick hatching out of its egg shell, messy; and normal life … evolving, change, self-becoming, actualizing the light, soul, and heart of all that we are!

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Life is an amazing journey, and we get to determine the quality of it. Let’s play!  – Anne

Becoming Larger
One of the pivotal problems in creative growth is the question of accurate self-assessment.  How do we know how large we can be if we don’t know how large we are? Frightened of being big-headed and egotistical, we seldom ask “am I being too limited, too small for who I really am?”  Expansion can be frightening.  Growth can feel foreign, even “wrong.”
Most of us know the story of the three blind men who are asked to describe an elephant. … As artists, we are often in that elephant’s position–a large and complicated creature poorly known to itself and others. …
Changing sizes, we go through growing pains, and many of those pains are the pangs of an identity crisis. …
When we change sizes creatively, we begin to wonder, Oh, dear.  Now what kind of animal am I? … Understandably, friends can tend to reinforce the you that they see. …
When you start to get bigger, it can scare by you and your friends. They worry about being abandoned.  You worry about being grandiose.  It is very hard to say to yourself and to others “Actually, I think i might be an elephant.  I think I might be much bigger and grander than I thought.” … More often, we are disloyal to our newly emerging parts.  We can allow ourselves to be talked out of our possible creative flights…  (Julia Cameron, Walking in This World)

Recommended reading.
EggsA lot of voices promote fear, or taking a ‘safe’ and ‘traditional’ ‘proven’ path.  When that doesn’t fit and you know it, book a starter session.

Maturing, evolving, transforming,  changing sizes–means not fitting where you once did.

It’s all good … growing, and normal natural life living…

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