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… because I’ve seen it happen.  I once sp0ke in delight and playfulness of what I would LOVE to experience if I were going dream big, having no limits or practical thought of any ‘hows’… only speaking of what I would LOVE, what would delight my soul… in that moment: traveling this United States–because I love beauty and there is so much here, and so much I still want to see and experience–being paid to travel, getting paid to be me, having all my expenses paid, and truly having fun.
A few weeks later, a job description dropped in my lap.  My desire was to be of service being exactly who I am–all of it, shining light, growing… and hers, a beautiful soul sister, was to have a travel partner.
Her national consulting and training travel had increased, and one Saturday morning she was inspired to write a job description for a perfect travel partner, including everything she would LOVE for this person to be, do, and have….  And after she was done playing, she sent this little description to three people…. one happened to be me…
That’s magic!  My playfully speaking my Wish of what I would LOVE to experience, how I would love to feel, and all that I would love included with it …  And a short time later, having this amazing Wish of someone else drop in my lap in Response.  Oh wow!
It gets better too!  I responded, went through a fascinating compatibility screening process, and got the role.  We are both getting our Wishes fulfilled, delighting in and open to where this adventure is taking us, and Loving that magic continues to show up…
So yes, I believe in magic.
I believe in the value of play, of joy, and being lighter about those hows
We all know how life can change in a heartbeat.  Don’t go future-telling unless it feels really good–like delightfully speaking what you’d LOVE to experience if you were going to dream and play!
Zion National Park UT 11-1-11
Happiness is a choice.  Choosing gladness, choosing to notice and appreciate all that is good and beautiful and magical happening in ordinary everyday things…parking places that open for us, angels when we need them, a song on the radio answering our thoughts…  The Power of Flow and Big Magic…  We are not in this alone…
Blessings.  – Anne

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