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Isis is a goddess

Naming a war after her is like naming one Jesus … There isn’t much difference in my opinion.

It’s disrespectful and shows great ignorance — or arrogance — of religious diversity, sensitivity, and knowledge beyond our own religion’s deities and teachings… Religion, sadly, is at the center of so much bloodshed.  Words accelerate that.  Images.

Christianity continues to use a symbol of torture as its symbol of faith.

I can’t do than anymore.

A heart, a tree, stars and moon, light shining bright through trees– and people, all of  nature and her creatures, butterflies and rainbows, and fields and flowers and streams and oceans and lakes…  These are my faith and spirituality symbols.

Becoming mindful, we see with different lenses.

Blessings on whatever path brings you peace and inspires your light.

– AnnePrint

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