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Why I Charge for Book Groups

There are some books that deserve to be not just read, but studied and applied. – Janet Golownia

When someone studies a book, it is often in context with a course of learning.

It is knowledge-seeking and understanding one is actively engaged in, compelled perhaps, that’s connected to one’s personal maturing and growth–or their entrepreneurial, creative interests–something they want to add, gain, absorb into their being.

Certainly one can do this in a solitary manner.  Of course… then why do we have schools and universities?  So many avenues of learning?  Why is education so valued?

Because from the times of Socrates and Plato, exchanges in interactive dialogues have been found to expand one’s knowledge and clarify one’s thoughts. To hold a conversation with another engages a powerful process of learning and self-discovery–very different, more expansive and pragmatic, thought-provoking and connective, than solitary reading.  Teachers are facilitators of learning.  And that is what I am and do.

Teacher, coach, mentor, guide, instructor, professor, leader, wisewoman, elder, educator, minister, counselor, tutor, facilitator … Many words for a role that holds space for and facilitates  interactive learning and growing of others.  I put a value on that, a price tag.

If there is no exchange, that role and this service is not valued; nor am I receiving what I require to continue serving.  There is a spiritual law of abundance that requires exchanges in order for more to grow, flow, and increase.  In good exchanges, magic flows abundantly all around.  Much more is always received and gained.

Water, Women, Words – Summer Beach Group – Definitely worth an investment!  It  features one of those books that deserves to be studied: Big Magic. Take a look. Tap in.  – Anne

PS  If you Like getting More for your Investment, Beach Group is INCLUDED in this package



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