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Telling better stories is my next High-Level Wellness Wednesday topic, August 17.  As crazy as it may sound–because we are so conditioned to ‘Tell it like it is’  — telling better stories is a powerful tool and skill to be practiced.  Our well-being, state of mind, emotions, physical state, how we experience living, are all impacted significantly.
As curious, knowledge-seeking beings, many have expanded our understandings of how life works.  Science, spirituality, physics, metaphysics, life experience, and human evolving–as we  naturally do, from seed to child to adult–and every experience, feeling, intuition, aha moment, coincidence, heartbreak, and phoenix-rising restoring.  We have read, listened, watched, paid attention, lived, and learned.
Universal truths, how life works, has always been, and continues to be, at the center of my seeking, learning, and teaching.  High-level wellness is about expanding into our greatest version of ourselves.   Maslow once called it Self-Actualization.  It’s not new; our expanded vision and advanced understanding, though, is.
Like song lyrics we heard as children or teens, some take on a whole added layer of meaning and application for us as adults.   And sci-fi television gizmos that we now call cell phones.
How is Reality Created? …Bottom line:  Tell better Stories.

We practice the Art of Allowing. Which means reaching for the thought that feels best, not the thought that is the real thought, not the thought that is telling it like it is. Telling it like it is only holds you where it is: “Damn it, I’m going to tell it like it is. I’m going to tell it like it is, because everybody wants me to tell it like it is.” Tell it like it is if you like it like it is. But if you don’t like it like it is, then don’t tell it like it is—tell it like you want it to be. If you tell it like you want it to be long enough, you will begin to feel it like you want it to be. And when you feel it like you want it to be, it be’s like you want it to be.  —Abraham

We choose how we tell our stories…. and which ones to tell. … And we make every single one of them up.
Everything is Energy / Spirit / Idea / Words / Music, Air, etc. … Nonphysical first… and then becomes another version of ‘Real’ …  “What is REAL? asked the Skin Horse … ” (from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams)
We are Creators by nature… and everything is energy.  That fascinates me!  Imagine what it will be like to figure this whole ‘creating thing’ out?!  Telling better Stories is a doorway to doing it… and you and I will be playing with–and practicing–these together on Wednesday.
Recommended / Suggested Reading / Listening:
Abraham-Hicks Daily Quotes, and books like Ask and It Is Given, The Art of Allowing and Deliberate Intent
Greg Kuhn, Why Quantum Physicists Play Grow a Greater You
Melody Fletcher, Deliberate Receiving
Abraham-Hicks, YouTube
There are many others, too.  Go with your gut.
These days are wonder-full and magic-creating life-times we are in.  Blessings and much Light and Love,
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