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a Feminine-Spirit, Life-centered Program to use with a partner.
Perhaps I should have said WorryHabit instead.  Either way, I’ve observed that many of us have a habit of getting sucked into drama and distressing fear-centered, future-telling.  What if we don’t play their game?  What if we change our habits?
Had a ‘wow’ inspired this morning. Kinda like combing things in your closet and re-fashioning them into a fabulous new look! … only today it was my office bookshelf, followed by a bubbling excited feeling … and then something in email confirmed it… happy dancing and happy to share!  Demystifying scary stuff and harmonizing their energies feels so much lighter and freeing. Re-purposing spirit-lifting self-empowering resources is delightful too.  I love this stuff!
 Fear is used to Pressure us into Energy that is not Joyful, Flowing, and Free.  Notice marketing and advertising; notice media news stories; notice your friends and neighbors and family and what they talk about and focus on. How do you feel listening to those?
We somehow have a Fear Habit being promoted as something normal and acceptable.  The health affects and costs–mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and economic– to the contrary, are staggering.
What I know of Feminine-Spirit Energy is that it needs to Feel Freedom, Joy, Love, Empowered, Safe, and Connected.  I also know how to activate and facilitate these Self-Empowering Emotional Elements of Feminine-Spiritual Energy.
To learn more about, experience, and experiment with, a Feminine-spirit-centered life-empowering fear-habit-freedom resource and program, use December’s Special Offer and schedule a date.
I prefer these in person, here at the Kindred Spirit Center.  It’s a WonderSpirit space of love, joy, feminine spirit, beauty, wisdom, and inspiration….soothing and uplifting the moment you step in.
December’s Special Offer can be used however you wish to use it, to enhance reclaim re-find your inner wisdom, joy and freedom-empowering feminine-spirit light.
Blessings for a joyous month of activating your powerful feminine energy elements for good. – Anne

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