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Oils on hand for body and soul

Oils, of nature, spirit, anointing, healing energy.  I have some on hand and available.  These are Young Living pure therapeutic-grade essential oils,  of blessing, anointing, and healing, for purchase during office hours and by appointment. Holiday and holy day blessings:

Cedarwood.  Folklore says this species is most closely related to the biblical Cedars of Lebanon.  Cedarwood was traditionally used by the North American Indians to enhance spiritual communication also.  It has a calming effect and purifying properties.

Christmas Spirit™.  A blend of orange, cinnamon bark, and spruce to enhance the feelings and memories and joy of the holidays.

Deep Relief™.  Purse-friendly roll-on to apply on occasional sore muscles.

Believe™.  Grounding and empowering.  Believe in your self, your dreams, your angels and guides and divine light.

Magnify Your Purpose™.   A wonderfully uplifting blend; a reminder our life has purpose; invoking clarity and insight as one explores.

Stress Away™.  Nirvana in a bottle.  This aroma soothes one’s energy.  One drop on your wrists, neck, or temples; inhale, breathe; and take a moment to truly love and savor.

Oregano.  Aromatically strengthens one’s feeling of security (i.e. pizza).  Many historical immune and respiratory system medicinal uses.  A healthy immune support for winters in Wisconsin.

Frankincense.  A holy oil, a gift of the Magi, used in ceremonies to anoint one in sacred service, to strengthen, to enhance spiritual awareness, divine communication, connection, and meditation.

Sacred Mountain™.  Mountains are sacred feminine energy.

Thieves™.  Another winter-in-Wisconsin, immune-system-support favorite.  Highly antiviral, antiseptic, and aromatic.  Diffuse, breathe in, or put a drop on your hand and chest and inhale its uplifting scent.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree).  Strong immune-building properties and historically used for  cuts, wounds, and caring for minor skin irritations

Let me know what’s calling your name.

Blessings – Anne

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit LLC | YL Member #1058621


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