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Summer Beach Group 2017

Our 6th Annual Summer Spirit Beach Group … Books, Beaches, Long Talks.  Water, Women, and WordsSummer Beach Group 2017 begins Monday, June 12.

Women gather and share well-seasoned words.  Relationships are formed and deepened.  Souls are fed and nourished.  The book and beach provide a backdrop and a starting place.

This year, we’re about Making Life Easy is a spiritual path.  Advanced, deeper-wisdom wellness, energy medicine, joyous living, alive and conscious life-dancing.

Summer Beach Series 2017


Beach Group meets 6 times across 7 weeks.  Dates and times are above.  (We skip July 4 holiday week.)

Location is Pewaukee beach, along Wisconsin Avenue.   Brewers Two Coffeehouse is across the street.  Several other restaurants are nearby, also.

Prosperity Exchange:  $10 weekly cash / check; $15 credit or PayPal | Prepaid: $60 cash / check; $69 credit or PayPal.

Make checks payable to WonderSpirit LLC.  Request an invoice / payment link for credit or PayPal.

A weekly reading schedule will be provided when you register.

This covers the basics.  If you want more, ask!

So LOVE Summer and leading these leading-edge kind of powerful explorings.

– Anne  🙂


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