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Less Facebook in 2018

Dear Facebook,

You’re ticking me off with all your biz page complications, configuring, and clutter.  You’re blocking flow, guys; and you’re sending me elsewhere to play.  Common sense.

Maybe it’s also time to simplify and integrate more–I am still one person in all the roles I play, after all.

You’re being a catalyst to explore and create and share in other places and spaces, my friends.  Change is good.   It’s a brand new year, and there’s an amazing energy surging forward in it.

Here’s to letting go of what’s not working or inviting…in all areas, really.    Try something new.  Follow your heart and intuition, your inner muse.

Thank you, Facebook.  Happy New Year.

It’s all good…  Appreciating and blessing.  – Anne


2 thoughts on “Less Facebook in 2018

  1. Good to seek a quiet and simple life even at the expense of cutting off familiarity when it grows too cumbersome to bear.

    1. A bit like road construction; it’s an invitation to find clearer, easier-flowing ways around it…and that often end up leading to delightful discovering of new routes. It’s all good. Feeling into what flows easy.

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