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What are you doing?

I don’t know.

And yet, some part of me did.

Intuitive following

Weeks earlier, big beautiful healthy green maple leaves lay on sidewalks I travel on daily walks…two leaves, two different days, two different places. Unusual; I noticed–their size, perfection, their being there from tree unknown, and that I’m compelled to pick them up and bring them home…

They find a place on my baker’s rack/altar, amidst a decorated art-glass plate of white-onyx crystal hearts and color-complemented stones and other collected spirit-note seasonal objects.

It was only those two that showed up–no others since.

In time, leaves dried up and curled, and on that day he asked me, What are you doing?, I was crumbling them up, carefully removing stiff stems, and putting their soft remaining leaf material in a small bronze burning bowl. A day or so later, I added dried white sage leaves.

I didn’t know consciously what I was doing or why, only that I was doing what I needed to do, what felt right, familiar…

Then Time brought pieces together: Saturday evening, June 29, a call I’d been expecting–a friend in hospice I’d been visiting had transitioned; Tuesday, July 2 a new moon and solar eclipse; and Thursday, July 4, Independence ‘Freedom’ Day; it was time–energetically, cosmically, spiritually–to release what had been gathered and prepared and completed…

Symbolically, intuitively, I had been honoring a friend’s life and passage.

Burning, Blessing and Scattering

Summer days are longer; it was after 7 and still light, peaceful; I found a space on our driveway under canopy of a low-hanging tree, amid bird sounds and flowers; put down a towel and gathered the smaller plate of hearts and burning bowl from upstairs. I lit the dried leaves and sage, watched smoke gently rise, breathed in its earthy scent, letting my thoughts go to memories, adding blessings and prayers for any and all who came to mind. Native American peace pipes, incense of catholic church services, smoke rises with our wishes to Great Spirit, sending blessing…

Then all is released, ashes are scattered, returned to natural earth and elements; burning bowl is wiped clean and put back in place.

Everyday knowing

It’s in all of us. Notice next time when someone asks, What are you doing? and you answer, I don’t know. Somewhere inside, intuitively, it’s there, just beyond words and conscious knowing…your spirit knows.

Blessings and much love,

Anne Wondra – WonderSpirit … soul sistering spiritual seekers

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