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Powerful words in a novel:

“The only way I get up every morning and face the day right now is not to remember the end, but to remember the middle.” …

“Don’t focus on how it will end, Caleb. Focus on the middle part where you laughed, sang, danced, teased, and found joy in being their big brother. Say their names. Remember their smiles. Give them each a day where all you think about is the middle. None of us gets a happy ending, Caleb. We get a beginning, a middle, and a time where we have to say good- bye, one way or the other. Don’t focus on the good-bye, or you’ll miss your chance to revel in the hello.”

Katie Mettner, Due North

Such great depth and wisdom in writers of novels. I’ve never heard anyone talk about dealing with grief quite like this.

A fan of romance novels, my taste is eclectic, from sweet to steamy. It’s a story that draws me in. And with some writers, I come across powerful words, like those above from Katie Mettner, that are so insightful and well said.

What are some powerful words you’ve found in romance novels recently? Who are authors whose stories inspire you to be a better being–and who also, maybe, make you laugh and giggle sometimes?

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