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As spiritual beings, we are unconditionally loved and supported by our Creator. We are never alone, nor do we ever face more than we can handle without first being given all we need to succeed. We are here to rise above earthly struggles and live a Divine life of grace and flow. We intuitively know, in our hearts, and all the way down to our very cells, that this is our purpose. The way is straightforward–be open to help, get out of your head, move into your heart, start listening to the loving support that your guides and the spirit world offer, and act on it. They’re delighted to serve and support you…so let them.

Sonia Choquette, Ask Your Guides

Some of us have always been particularly interested in spiritual stuff–those things we heard in church and things we observed in life, too. From little on, we were taught there was a Creator being, that we weren’t alone–though some were taught that this Creator being was very judging, strict, and always serious, requiring obedience.

Along the way, we grow up into independent adulthood, still interested in spiritual stuff, continuing to observe; only spiritual is understood, practiced, and experienced from a broader and deeper perspective. As adults, we are creators too–Divine co-Creators–and we don’t do this alone.

What we heard in church all those years back, we’ve found referenced in other places… Angels and saints, spirit guides and ascended masters, ancestors, communion of saints, eternal life, prayer, meditation, conscience, compassion. Words of empowerment and trust: What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; what you loose (free, forgive) on earth, will be loosed in heaven. Ask and it is given. Knock and it will be opened to you.

We’re Divine Souls in a human life, continually evolving spiritual beings. And if those things we heard in church all those years ago are true, we have a great nonphysical support team to assist us in navigating our life path easier. We have to ask, though.

I grew up Catholic, and with it came this whole Catholic imagination view of a nonphysical spiritual world. I was particularly drawn to spiritual things, especially universally held spiritual things that uplifted and empowered human souls, freed fears with light, and made us better beings. Eventually, I completed coursework and a degree in religious studies and became a youth minister. Why? Because those insightful, honest questions of teens and young adults were mine once–and my research was in unconventional, eclectic places, including friends and studies in other religions and traditions. And especially for young women, fairness and justice spoken and not modeled in church required feminine-centered, feminine-celebrating spiritual resources, outside of church, to supplement their spiritual authority, sovereignty, within themselves.

Ask Your Guides may be an unconventional resource in church circles. Still, its author, Sonia Choquette, also grew up Catholic. (So did a lot of other unconventional resource authors in my library.) That spiritual stuff we learned in church, especially for young women particularly interested in spiritual stuff, stayed with us. We used it, compelled to become co-Creators, writers, teachers–universally inclusive, human spirit-lifting ones, freeing fears with light.

Blessings and enjoy. Read something that makes your heart feel good. – Anne

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