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Movies we live in!

Make fun of death. We are as dead as it gets, and we are fully aware of this joyous experience. We are with you every time you allow it. We are in every singing bird and in every joyful child. We are part of every delicious pulsing in your environment. We are not dead, and… Continue reading Movies we live in!

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Inspired Empowered and Not Done Yet

2015 is a momentous year.  Another wave of Boomers, the generation that rocked the boat, will turn sixty…my graduating class among them…  An MPTV program I happened to tune into this morning reminded me of who we are, who I am–and all of my classmates and our great generation–what we are passionate about, that we… Continue reading Inspired Empowered and Not Done Yet

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Yin and Yang

Sacred feminine and Sacred masculine. Balancing and shifting; feminine energy flowing in. Awakenings and deepenings… many layers. A compassionate man does not plunder and rape. Sexuality, sensuality, Fifty Shades or Gray (intentional color spelling) Perception as making love, sacred intimate connection … or raunchy, filth, sinful.  Words we choose are telling. When and why is… Continue reading Yin and Yang

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People are getting bigger

Kids are bigger and adults are bigger. And I think the cause is directly related to the food we eat and the drugs we take. That’s coming from someone who grew up on a farm and common sense. Think about it. You’re drinking milk from cows treated with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). That drug makes… Continue reading People are getting bigger