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I know about haystacks

Life coaches are known to say: All your answers are inside of you; I don’t give you the answers.  I help you find your own. Truthfully,  I have said that.  When it comes to learning, we learn differently, and in layered depths of understanding. We do have answers hidden inside of us–and we find them… Continue reading I know about haystacks

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I like this ‘Spending’ Thought

Every time you say, “I appreciate that. I really like that. I applaud that. I acknowledge the value in that.” Every time you do that, you spend some of your Energy, and it is the spending of the Energy that creates a vacuum, so to speak, or an attraction, so to speak, that draws more… Continue reading I like this ‘Spending’ Thought

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Why I Charge for Book Groups

There are some books that deserve to be not just read, but studied and applied. – Janet Golownia When someone studies a book, it is often in context with a course of learning. It is knowledge-seeking and understanding one is actively engaged in, compelled perhaps, that’s connected to one’s personal maturing and growth–or their entrepreneurial,… Continue reading Why I Charge for Book Groups

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Life is like a Sudoku puzzle

I finally learned how to play (and like!) Sudoku.  Normally, numbers are not my comfort zone. It was a mom day last fall, and my mom enjoys her Sudoku puzzles…so I asked her to show me how it’s played. Can I tell you, once I learned there is no math involved in Sudoku–that it more… Continue reading Life is like a Sudoku puzzle

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Mom’s Monopoly Game

She changed the rules so a higher purpose could be served. Had I not learned that one?  Of course …definitely. Today, though, it crosses my mind that there is an expanding of thought here–that another area is to be applied: the energy and exchange of money and how one plays this  Life game so all… Continue reading Mom’s Monopoly Game

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Goals Gotta Go

It asked: What are you going to Stop doing this Year?  And I wrote Goals gotta go!  followed by… It’s a corporate model mindset term and doesn’t feel energetically in line with my creative spirit and flow.  It’s a climbing-Jacob’s-ladder word and methodology, instead of a dancing-Sarah’s-circle one.  Dance, Play, Dream, Create, Write, Share, Experience,… Continue reading Goals Gotta Go

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Enjoying the view

 You cannot notice what-is and complain about it, and be a vibrational match to the solution. When you were living the problem, you were asking for the solution, and Source said yes immediately. So, there’s never a reason for you to be wallowing around in a problem for more than about a second? You can… Continue reading Enjoying the view