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Holidays and Change

My class for this week’s Wellness Wednesday is Self-care Holidays Harmony. …  getting ready for this one and bigger ones ahead. Holidays have traditions and expectations attached to them; including family, people, and places, events and activities, preparations and aftermath. And chances are there have been changes between last year and this year… maybe you’ve… Continue reading Holidays and Change

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$40 Product Credit on Essential Oils

Hello Healthy Living Enthusiasts–especially those interested in those lovely essential oils I use! Young Living just sent through a mid-month newsletter.  And there are TWO things I want to give you a heads-up on…because some of you have asked about getting these oils–and being able to purchase at wholesale (24% saving) instead of retail.  And… Continue reading $40 Product Credit on Essential Oils

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Simple Pleasures – Egg salad sandwiches

It’s a given that the week after Easter includes egg salad sandwiches.  It’s a simple pleasure I’d never given much thought to–until this year.  You see, I was part of the annual family egg-coloring get-together–only I didn’t bring any eggs back home.  We were traveling, visiting, out of town, staying overnight…and eggs may or may… Continue reading Simple Pleasures – Egg salad sandwiches