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The new Wisconsin Tourism logo and theme were announced this week, Live Like You Mean It. I like it! Sure it’s been used by others before. So what. The point it, it’s positive and proactive. LIVE like you mean it! Think about it. Get off the couch. What are you doing with your life? What’s on your “Live like you mean it” list? What are you reading that makes you feel something?
There will always be complainers among us. It’s Marty’s Gold Brick Theory again, If you gave everybody a gold brick, somebody would complain they had to carry it to their car….
Here’s the thing, we each get to choose the kind of energy and attitudes we want to put more of into our life and the world. And which ones we want to hang around with. Which ‘side-affects’ do you like better?
As for me, I see great opportunity and positives with the Live Like You Mean It theme. The tie-ins to fitness, wellness, travel, making a difference, community, living with intention are all there. We can make the most of it. If you’re ready to play, ready to live with more energy and purpose and focus, borrow the theme for yourself. And maybe even find a life coach to help you start if you’re not sure how to. That’s what we do: help people live like they mean it. Find one in your area or start on my home page.
The gift of life is yours; it is an amazing journey…and you get to determine the quality of it.Five
Live like you mean it…. Can’t hurt; might help.

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