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Next week, I begin a positive, empowering four-week series for mid-life Midwestern women about the subject of money. Our emotions and beliefs, perceptions of lack and scarcity, and old habits, sabbotage women when it comes to money. In every other way, we may be fabulously successful, smart, beautiful, and wealthy…except that one area… We accept less, or remain silent, or are volunteered by someone else, or feel that’s our role and place. I know a lot of women can identify. And I offer this personal power and growth group to help.
So here’s the experiment and more information.
My intention is to fill ALL the seats in the circle…because I have this gathering space where amazing connections are made. Ah-ha’s are experienced. Love is felt. It’s happened in every group I’ve ever gathered. It’s a safe place to talk about deeper things that matter, thoughts that hold us back, perceptions that need release, hearts that need healing.
I don’t want price (or location) to be an issue for women drawn to be part of this experience; The learning about money begins with The Experiment: YOU get to CHOOSE the “fair exchange” that fits your comfort and affordability level. Pay attention to your reactions at each price point. Take note and bring them to the group. (Your field work.)
As for the location, if needed, an additional tele-circle group will be opened if at least one person requests and commits to it.
When women gather, we learn from one another and we empower each other’s courage.
Love, abundance, and blessing. – Anne

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