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There’s a lot below the surface when it comes to maintaining, motivating, and empowering employees to be healthy and productive. Traditional wellness programs address physical factors, use health risk assessments, and focus attention on medical conditions.

There’s another approach that uses a different kind of life assessment and a wellness coach, a personal ally to empower and support personal growth and life happiness…which spills over to benefit everyone, including the company.
Early in my career I worked for a very small law firm. There was no big budget for benefits like health insurance. The one benefit we did have, though, proved to be priceless and its impact is still with me. We could take any continuing education class we wanted to, even if it had nothing to do with being a legal secretary. The attorney wanted us to develop who we were because, he said, “You never know who comes through the door and what connections will be made or needed.” For me, that attitude was amazingly generous, life- and big-picture-focused, and definitely inspired and empowered me. I was an engaged, happy and loyal employee with the firm for ten years. This guy also trained us as paralegals, something equally uncommon and forward-thinking then.
And third, each year, along with the continued-learning mindset, this attorney had us identify both our professional and personal goals. He wanted to hear about the professional goals…and left open the option of sharing our personal goals. I took the option. What he was doing was facilitating the alignment of personal and professional. He was my first coach. I just didn’t know it at the time. He was facilitating a process that allowed me to develop who I was, at a DEEPER level, in an environment where I felt safe and welcome to grow. And that’s the approach I now use with clients.
There was little turnover in that company; little absenteeism, sick days, or quality issues. It was a brilliant business strategy.
There’s a different, stronger energy when we take action because we want something compelling that creates a PULL from the INSIDE, than when something unpleasant is PUSHING from the OUTSIDE. The stuff below the surface is the stuff that creates pull from the inside. That’s the stuff I work with … engaging that positive power pull from inside … and facilitating a process that allows alignment and development of who we are, at a DEEPER level, in an environment that’s safe. Blessing to all who enter here.
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