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I heard the music and words, ‘Be still and listen...’  so I put on that music, a few lamps, some candles and entered in where i was drawn, first stillness and then moving to the music, and back to quiet again… a spirit-connecting time and space before the rest of this day. Some may not understand a spirit’s calling or need for quiet, peace, going within, to be surrounded by music, softness…
And then again, your spirit may hunger and crave it…because introverts and sensitives recharge in quiet, and love peaceful energy around them.

Thousands of Candles can be lit from a Single Candle, and the Life of the Candle will not be shortened.  - Buddha
Thousands of Candles can be lit from a Single Candle, and the Life of the Candle will not be shortened. – Buddha

It’s Halloween, and for me, it’s a spirit day; the veil between worlds is thinnest.  In the wheel of the year, this is new year’s eve.  It is the end of one seasonal cycle; the next one–the next seasonal year–begins with going within.  Bears hibernate, birds fly to warmer places; some of us have tendencies like that too.  In winter, we read more, and fire and warmth draw us inward.
We need to go inward, to be still and listen, and rest and be nourished beneath surface appearances…  I love that I live in this state of changing seasons; I am grateful my growing up was on a farm; I appreciate Nature’s ways and spiritual lessons.  She’s graced me with many ‘wheel years’ and seasons to let her wisdom deepen and teach me.
Last night’s evening about the afterlife reminded me again that this is a holy place, where uncommon and deep matters are talked about, taught about, shared, experienced…  And kindred spirits who are drawn here are soothed, inspired, blessed, and love how they feel being part of this.
The wind’s picked up; it’s a blustery overcast Halloween… and in here, it’s a warm melodic sacred sanctuary work day.
Blessings everyone.  Enjoy.  – Anne
Wow… that link above, I just started watching the ‘Be still and listen’ video… and a perfect lead-in to another uncommon sacred feminine wisewoman women’s circle here … ‘Red’ is showing up in surprising places..  Gotta smile…  Love love love these spirit winks...
Red Hot and Holysm

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