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Love Yourself

Valentine’s Week RELATIONSHIPS Stage continues.  Today’s Great Love is OURSELVES. We’re conflicted about this one.  Images of stuck-up stuffed shirts and hoity-toity airs come to mind; admonishments of thinking we’re better than anybody else; and the caustic challenge most of us heard from a parent or a pulpit:  Just who do you think you are?… Continue reading Love Yourself

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Womanly art of Radiance

You see, it’s kinda got the word ‘dance’ in it.  How many radiate while dancing?  You know what songs light your fire, puts you in a zone of bliss.  Spend some time soaking them in and Dancing with them. What else brings out your radiance?  Your shining light?  Your sparkle?  Radiance was my inspired word… Continue reading Womanly art of Radiance

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Soul blessing songs for a new moon

I started using music years ago.  It began with ‘praying on the dance floor,’ or maybe when I became aware of lyrics and let them speak to me… It inspired me, taught me, soothed me, connected somewhere deeper that needed expressing at the time.  I still bring music to  work, and it still speaks to… Continue reading Soul blessing songs for a new moon

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It’s a sacred sanctuary day…

I heard the music and words, ‘Be still and listen…’  so I put on that music, a few lamps, some candles and entered in where i was drawn, first stillness and then moving to the music, and back to quiet again… a spirit-connecting time and space before the rest of this day. Some may not… Continue reading It’s a sacred sanctuary day…

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Happiness is an Inside Job – May 31

Hello Great People! This week, we added a 4th FREE Guest Speaker to our continuing traveling tour to share what we know about happiness and start GROWING conversations! Our theme:  Happiness is an Inside Job “Coffee House Conversations”  — from Brain, Body, and Soul perspectives–led by three passionate, personable, and positive teacher-coaches! Join us this… Continue reading Happiness is an Inside Job – May 31

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I want to Connect 1000 Women

I want to connect 1,000 women to create an incredible 2013!…and life! Not alone; with others too… others who desire to empower and be empowered; to inspire and be inspired; to grow their spirit and dreams. I’m not sure I KNOW 1,000 women…or maybe I do.  Not all of them are into ARTSY, Playful, Joyful,… Continue reading I want to Connect 1000 Women

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Positive Music Month

November is Positive Music Month. Do you have a favorite positive artist? What and who are your favorite Positive Music songs and artists – Songs that inspire and empower you, that bring you up when you need a lift, that shift your perspective, and add to your sense of happiness and confidence and well being?… Continue reading Positive Music Month