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It was a week before Christmas and all through the house–and everywhere else…
All memories were stirring–snowmen she loved, carols playing, Christmas Eve preps and pecan pie, that greeting I still hear, gifts I still wear…

She’s one of my Angels in the Afterlife…  And now I can smile and laugh at those memories–except sometimes when I’m writing.  She can still pull that ’emotional tear-bucket string’ connected to my heart…..   It’s one of those little ways she ‘keeps in touch’ … emotions….
I’m not alone in having a special angel in the afterlife. …
Processing those feelings and emotions is different for each of us, though.  Some write, some yell, work, break things, some walk and or talk; others withdraw in silence; and many question and revisit deep, long-held beliefs about the here-after–and also about the here and now.
I found myself writing and walking, and especially, just BEing with feelings and emotions.  They fluctuated, sometimes moment to moment.  A few days were ‘crying days.’  I hung onto the words of someone who had taken this journey eleven years ago, that it would get easier and I would laugh again.  (It has and I do.)
I remember the first round of holidays and ‘anniversary days.’  I was lucky; most of those big ‘firsts’ were within six months.  My notes on Only Visiting
My work is helping others, sometimes making sense of life happenings and losses; and re-story-ing them to be restoring to our spirit. We are each given soul work … because we are part of nature and she is always growing.  We are always growing…evolving …
If  you want to talk this soul work stuff through with me, I’m here.  This is a safe Quiet Place to connect thoughts… and talk… about Life Re-Story-ing pieces still in process.

Finding peace.
.. stuff one doesn’t talk about in too many places … except here.   (… and this isn’t one of those churchy places, because life’s soul work is bigger than buildings,… and all those churchy words are not enough now …  I know this …  )
Thursday afternoon is really short notice … And if you’re seeing this Holidays Heartstrings and Angels in the Afterlife, though, and it feels like what you need, rsvp and stop in. …
(I have a hunch a few extra angels present too.)
Bring thoughts and what you’d like to talk through; or just soak in the quiet and read and be.  I’ll have hugs and hot tea, and blessing and love, and you’ll feel better…
– Anne
What does your heart need?  Blessings.

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