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“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish” … and there’s Nothing Wrong with tgoals-and-wisheshat.  For some, Goals Gotta Go.  (Shiny Biz quote from goddess Leonie.)
Much has been accomplished by Wishes that didn’t have a ‘How’ attached to them.  From little things like a parking space opening just where and when you needed it, to big things like meeting and marrying the love of your life, to a spoken desire delightfully fulfilled in unforeseen, magical ways.  In my experience, Life is full of Wishes that materialize without a Plan …. although, we did have to play our part.  We had to say ‘yes’ and accept what we wanted when the opportunity opened to us.
Many of us have been taught this from little on.  Belief in miracles and magic, in a divine power that assists us, and circumstances that play out on our behalf–in ways far beyond our individual abilities.  Faith, Magic, Miracles, Divine Intervention, Angels.
Our brains, however, like to figure things out…especially since some Wishes are granted quickly, and others seem to be ignored. So Plans became popular for brains that like figuring things out and making things happen.  Designing and creating something is exhilarating.  We are creators by nature.  And making things happen felt like a more predictable way of receiving those Wishes.
New science, that is really old science, quantum physics, metaphysics, and universal-laws-of-energy science teachers tell us that thoughts become things and that heart energy is even more powerful than brain energy.  So Wishes and Heart’s desires play an energetic role in attracting our happiness and happenings when we let go of what’s not ours to do.
If Planning is fun and it works for you, enjoy and do it.
If not, maybe your way of achieving desires is Wishes; letting your heart lead, imagining  and playing with what you’d love to experience, and acting on inspirations when there’s a big ‘yes’ when an opportunity to receive something you asked for and dreamed of opens in front of you.
I’m offering a delightfully delicious Goals Gotta Go workshop for our feminine-spirit creative friends, because our soul fuel is a different mix than ‘regular.’  If you’d like one, contact me for details.
Happy ME! (and YOU) 2017.  May it be delightfully energizing.  – Anne 🙂

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