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Motivating wellness: Positive Power from the Inside

There’s a lot below the surface when it comes to maintaining, motivating, and empowering employees to be healthy and productive. Traditional wellness programs address physical factors, use health risk assessments, and focus attention on medical conditions. There’s another approach that uses a different kind of life assessment and a wellness coach, a personal ally to… Continue reading Motivating wellness: Positive Power from the Inside

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How healthy does the FDA really want us to be?

They pick on small Amish farmers and other simple people and small family businesses who produce chemical- and pesticide-free milk and crops. Yet, they allow and encourage huge farms that (mis)treat animals and crops with known harmful drugs, chemicals, pesticides. Bovine growth hormone (rBGH) and whatever they use to make chickens ‘plumper.’ Guess what it’s… Continue reading How healthy does the FDA really want us to be?

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Health privacy

A friend shared a lengthy letter about health care reform today; a line-by-line commentary, reportededly from a doctor, printed in the Indianapolis Star last summer. From Snopes, it’s a mix of fact and fiction and from an earlier edition than the current proposal. However… I observed my reactions; and I have definite opinions about some… Continue reading Health privacy

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Enthusiasm … enjoy life

Life wisdom from Alexandra Stoddard: Some of us were born enthusiastic and others were not. … You can develop an enthusiastic attitude. You might not have an enormous talent for a specific activity, but you can develop interests–in poetry or birdwatching or faux finishing or astrology–and become enthusiastic about your discoveries in nature and in… Continue reading Enthusiasm … enjoy life

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Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit

Is there someone you love who feels like they are in a “pit” right now? A colleague, Nancy Nicholas, wrote and created this workbook. I read it recently, and my first thought was that this is so very much needed right now. I was only beginning and I had to drop Nancy a note. Nancy… Continue reading Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit

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Prevent swine flu, by Dr. Vinay Goyal

Dr. Vinay Goyal is an MBBS,DRM,DNB (Intensivist and Thyroid specialist) having clinical experience of over 20 years. He has worked in institutions like Hinduja Hospital , Bombay Hospital , Saifee Hospital , etc.. Presently, he is heading the Nuclear Medicine Department and Thyroid clinic at Riddhivinayak Cardiac and Critical Centre, Malad (W). The following message… Continue reading Prevent swine flu, by Dr. Vinay Goyal

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New directions – Positive psychology

Read conference notes over breakfast. The subject, Positive Psychology; one that is becoming more popular. Positive Psychology   Scientific focus on human strengths, rather than weaknesses Paradigm shift from pathology, victimology, and mental illness to positive emotion, virtue, and strength. Martin E. P. Siligman James Milojkovic ( was the source. The irony: those expected to… Continue reading New directions – Positive psychology