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Womanly art of Radiance

You see, it’s kinda got the word ‘dance’ in it.  How many radiate while dancing?  You know what songs light your fire, puts you in a zone of bliss.  Spend some time soaking them in and Dancing with them.

What else brings out your radiance?  Your shining light?  Your sparkle?  Radiance was my inspired word for year; and while 2017 is nearing completion, a Radiance refresher is certainly good.  Radiance is our healthy soul-light birthright; something innately in us that we can bring out and nurture and delight in.

How do we tap into our radiance?

One way is the womanly art of Flirting.  It’s “allowing yourself to enjoy being in the presence of others.”  A couple fun examples half-way through the video.

Enjoy.  Flirt a little.  Dance a little.  And see how good you feel.  – Anne 🙂

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