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Inspired Empowered and Not Done Yet

2015 is a momentous year.  Another wave of Boomers, the generation that rocked the boat, will turn sixty…my graduating class among them…  An MPTV program I happened to tune into this morning reminded me of who we are, who I am–and all of my classmates and our great generation–what we are passionate about, that we… Continue reading Inspired Empowered and Not Done Yet

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Salem – Not all history bears re-enactment

There are some pieces of history that are better left in the past…because they carry a dark energy of a time we were much less evolved.   Salem is one of those. It was a time of religious ignorance and closed-mindedness….and many innocent, mostly women, were tortured, persecuted, and brutally killed. There is nothing more dangerous… Continue reading Salem – Not all history bears re-enactment


TV humor

We’re discussing TV, that there will be no Castle on tonight; how sad.  And then Dancing with the Stars comes up, and I admit I kinda enjoy it…not a whole show full; but a few clips here and there to take in the music, the clothes, the dancing, the personalities.  I know him well, and also know that to him, DWTS is like fingernails on a chalkboard…  And the next words from his mouth:  “You watch Dancing with the Stars; I’d rather watch Night of the Living Dead.”  Ah, the difference in defining entertainment.  I love that man…and that we have two rooms we can view TV shows and videos in, and that there are some shows we both enjoy together.  Castle, we’ll look for you next week.

Have a beautiful day and a great week everybody.

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Good News Reports requested

What’s RIGHT with the world? The politicking has started again. Why is it fashionable, newsworthy, or popular to criticize, bash, and put down the President, the First Lady, or any in leadership–especially when we celebrated their winning so heartily? The pattern repeats, over and over again. It doesn’t matter who is ‘at the top.’ The… Continue reading Good News Reports requested

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History lessons and the power of art

Did you see the History Detectives show last night? A former WW II POW had an amazing portrait sketch of himself that had been drawn for him by another prisoner, in exchange for food. The artist had signed the work Rhoden. The former POW had not seen him since, had been unable to locate him… Continue reading History lessons and the power of art