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Emerging Spiritual Consciousness …

Our divine being-ness. We are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We are creators.Full authority has been given to you…on earth and in heaven.Ask and it is given.Divinity may be greater than I am, but certainly not less. WORDS familiar and powerful.  We’ve heard them, seen them.  They come from authorities we trust. IN PAST… Continue reading Emerging Spiritual Consciousness …

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Life coaching, classes for the Light, soul, and Heart of who you are

It’s a role fast-food commercials make fun of… Life coaching…  An interesting twist coming from a company that touts healthy choices. Life coaching is not based in a medical model, and our clients are not defined by conditions and labels used in that industry. We speak a different language, words of well-being, personal power, soul… Continue reading Life coaching, classes for the Light, soul, and Heart of who you are

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Expanding and believing

It’s a good idea to sort through your beliefs now and then and throw out the ones that don’t serve you. (The Afterlife of Billy Fingers) How many of us have unquestioningly accepted beliefs about who we are, and our value or worth, from sources with absolutely no experience being a girl or growing into… Continue reading Expanding and believing

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The Afterlife and the Meaning of Life

They’re part of the same thing, you know. Join me tonight. Contrast brings clarity… and some brings significant material for re-story-ing what this life is about; what we know, believe, and want to know about the afterlife; and really who we are and why we’re here.  …Those basic quests and talks that it’s not politically… Continue reading The Afterlife and the Meaning of Life

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Why it matters

Ever notice how unrelated things ‘connect’ to give us answers we are seeking? I created this presentation on ‘Women, Redefining Spiritual, and the Sacred Feminine’ for an event earlier this month–and decided to offer it again here at Kindred Spirit Center, May 28 at 6:30, and also on Thursday evening by conference line, at 8.… Continue reading Why it matters

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Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

Create a room of your own, a sacred space, an altar.  Surround yourself with things of beauty, symbols of inspiration, faith; pictures, stones, mementos, music, fabric, colors you love and that feel good around you.  Do you have a favorite chair?  Colorful cushions, pillows, plush throws, or area rug?  Consider light, music, aromas, a writing… Continue reading Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season