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It’s in those words again

that become catalysts to putting new thoughts on paper… Wellness services only Local space for business cards requested wellness services only. My cards had disappeared, and no other ‘life coach’ cards were there, either. I’m drawn to write and process this… to play with words that would be acceptable. And another layer too; a tug… Continue reading It’s in those words again

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I know about haystacks

Life coaches are known to say: All your answers are inside of you; I don’t give you the answers.  I help you find your own. Truthfully,  I have said that.  When it comes to learning, we learn differently, and in layered depths of understanding. We do have answers hidden inside of us–and we find them… Continue reading I know about haystacks

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Do you need a life coach?

It depends on which language you’re speaking–one of medical and psychological conditions or that of personal growth and self-improvement.  A therapist treats psychological medical conditions–and many have benefited from working with a therapist. Life coaches are teachers, confidants, spiritual counselors who hold space and support our  normal human process of pragmatic personal growth and self-evolving.… Continue reading Do you need a life coach?

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Life coaching, classes for the Light, soul, and Heart of who you are

It’s a role fast-food commercials make fun of… Life coaching…  An interesting twist coming from a company that touts healthy choices. Life coaching is not based in a medical model, and our clients are not defined by conditions and labels used in that industry. We speak a different language, words of well-being, personal power, soul… Continue reading Life coaching, classes for the Light, soul, and Heart of who you are

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What’s a life coach?

A side-tracked Saturday spent web-weaving…  Didn’t plan it that way…  Began with a simple intention, to upload and link a resource for Thursday’s Goddess call… And then came more.  A thought of another page to update… leading to another and another and another.  The muse, she comes with us creative types.  Always catalysts to creating… Continue reading What’s a life coach?

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Celebrating 7 Years

On April 4, 2006, three holistic women wellness practitioner entrepreneurs opened the Kindred Spirit Center in Waukesha–then called, Kindred Spirit Coaching and Wellness. Over time, the name was shortened; and  the people and place evolved.  I am an original co-founder; the others followed where their path and spirit took them–like all of us do. Kindred… Continue reading Celebrating 7 Years

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About coaches

About Coaches There are some things you may or may not know about coaches. Coaches came into this world with a heart and soul to help humanity—and other living things too. They are empowering and inspiring guides, teachers, healers, light workers, creative thinkers, intuitives, artists, bridge builders, and a lot of other descriptive titles. They… Continue reading About coaches