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Monday Morning Light

Sun shining through windows.  Sweet Monday mornings … a brand new week. I’m inspired and excited to offer Monday Morning Light conference calls, beginning Monday, April 2, at 11 am Eastern (Your Time Here). I LOVE sun shining in my space and face; it energized me to create, to write, to soak in grace and… Continue reading Monday Morning Light

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I believe in magic

… because I’ve seen it happen.  I once sp0ke in delight and playfulness of what I would LOVE to experience if I were going dream big, having no limits or practical thought of any ‘hows’… only speaking of what I would LOVE, what would delight my soul… in that moment: traveling this United States–because I… Continue reading I believe in magic

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Overheard and re-story-ed @ Starbucks

He said he was ‘living a godless life’ … and ‘just kidding’ when he knew I had heard… Later, I found myself writing on a napkin: With every breath you take, you are directly connected… to the Spirit of Life. Every smile makes a difference.  Every hug. Every word… Living art and soul, in ordinary… Continue reading Overheard and re-story-ed @ Starbucks

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One Stop Santa Shop – Fond du Lac Next Sunday

Hello Friends, Followers, and Holiday Fun Lovers! I was invited to participate in a One Stop Santa Shop event in Fond du Lac next Sunday afternoon, December 1.  And since FUN is often on the other side of Yes, I’ll be there — with lots of wonderful Young Living essential oils to experience, smell, enjoy…… Continue reading One Stop Santa Shop – Fond du Lac Next Sunday

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Enjoying the view

 You cannot notice what-is and complain about it, and be a vibrational match to the solution. When you were living the problem, you were asking for the solution, and Source said yes immediately. So, there’s never a reason for you to be wallowing around in a problem for more than about a second? You can… Continue reading Enjoying the view

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Beach conversations

Synchronicity, when unrelated, somehow connected, things happen in succession.   It means, take notice.  I do. Got back to my desk after spending most of this morning gathered with women, overlooking a beach, and engaged in conversations that touch the spirit; and then found this from soul friend Nancy Nicholas in email: I pulled a… Continue reading Beach conversations