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Halloween Healers & Witches

Come sit for a spell; meet, learn from light worker, spirituality and healing women at  Kindred Spirit Center  in Waukesha.  Enjoy a hot beverage, some treats; feed your curiosities, ease your spirit. What if they think WE are witches?! It was a concern; so I’m ‘addressing that one, in case any of you have issues… Continue reading Halloween Healers & Witches

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It’s a sacred sanctuary day…

I heard the music and words, ‘Be still and listen…’  so I put on that music, a few lamps, some candles and entered in where i was drawn, first stillness and then moving to the music, and back to quiet again… a spirit-connecting time and space before the rest of this day. Some may not… Continue reading It’s a sacred sanctuary day…

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The Afterlife and the Meaning of Life

They’re part of the same thing, you know. Join me tonight. Contrast brings clarity… and some brings significant material for re-story-ing what this life is about; what we know, believe, and want to know about the afterlife; and really who we are and why we’re here.  …Those basic quests and talks that it’s not politically… Continue reading The Afterlife and the Meaning of Life

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An eagle and a swan

You are not meant to bear that which you find unpleasant, Anne, you are meant to change it. That’s why you feel it. Your every twitch of pain and malaise invites you to wake up, pushing you to seek grander truths that will reveal a bigger reality and a more magnificent you, ever closer to… Continue reading An eagle and a swan


Holy words and Halloween

Our church taught us to fear some words, told us they were evil, or at least led us to believe they were words of darkness.  Some never looked up those words for themselves.  They just took it on faith that a church who told them these things was telling the truth… when really, they were… Continue reading Holy words and Halloween

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Halloween Spirit Day at Kindred Spirit Center

I work out of a calming, peaceful place called Kindred Spirit Center, that I share with two other women-of-spirit practitioners.  One of them, Sue Katzuba, is joining me this week Wednesday, October 30, 11-7, for a day of Halloween Spirit-Honoring specials.  I love Sue, and when we can work together, it’s truly a treat.  Halloween… Continue reading Halloween Spirit Day at Kindred Spirit Center

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All hallows eve

Sacred time.  The veil between the worlds is at its thinnest.  A time we remember those who have passed on.  In earth, nature-based traditions, it’s the end of the year.  In the tradition I come out of, it’s followed by All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  Again, remembering the dead… Well, maybe not ‘dead’… Continue reading All hallows eve